Continue your journey into wellbeing by joining us for a workshop. Whether you want to delve deeper into your practice, expand your knowledge, or find inspiration, we'd love to see you there.

Online Yin-Yang Yoga Workshop
Sat 27th June 2020, 10am - 12pm
via Zoom

Join me on 27th June for a wonderful morning of yoga. Through our practice will be exploring the concepts of Yin & Yang in order to find balance and equilibrium.


From the comfort of your own home, you will be guided through a calming Yin yoga session, focussing on opening ourselves up and slowing down. By targeting the connective tissues of the body we will gently invite space into the joints, release tension and quieten the mind. You will then be led through a dynamic Vinyasa Flow sequence to get the body moving and stimulate energy flow. This time we will be targeting the muscles through building heat, strength and power. The workshop will end with a calming guided meditation and a beautiful, long relaxation.


You will also be sent a "virtual goodie-bag" of mindful exercises and tools to go away with so you can continue to feel blissfully centred after the session ends.


This Online Yin-Yang Yoga Workshop is designed to help you rebalance, find clarity and move forward feeling grounded and centred.

COST: £20.00pp
Image by Bekir Dönmez
Online Restorative Yoga Workshop
Sat 23rd May 2020, 4 - 6pm
via Zoom

Join Marika for a beautiful afternoon of rest and relaxation. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to come together, de-stress and find a bit of peace during lockdown. 


From the comfort of your own home you will be led through a soothing restorative yoga session with soft postures and grounding breath-work. You will then be guided through a releasing self-massage sequence to help alleviate discomfort from the neck, shoulders and head. 


You will also be sent a "virtual gift-bag" of self-care tools to go away with so you can continue to feel amazing after the session ends.


This Online Restorative Yoga Workshop is designed to help you unwind and relieve tension, leaving you feeling blissfully calm. 

COST: £20.00pp
Springtime Restorative Yoga Workshop
Sat 14th March 2020, 11am - 2pm
@ Leo Yoga, Marlow

This workshop is a beautiful, relaxing opportunity to reflect and reset in connection with the start of Spring. Think soothing postures, beautiful scents and positive affirmations, designed to release tension and restore balance.


The day will consist of a nourishing restorative yoga practice, reflection and setting of intentions, as well as an exploration into the use of essential oils to help uplift, refresh and restore.


11:00am – 12:15pm Restorative Yoga

12:15pm – 12:45pm Break

12:45 – 1.15pm Reflection and Setting Intentions

1:15pm – 2:00pm Essential Oil Session 

COST: £35.00